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One of the daily digital tasks of many of us is using our online or mobile banking to complete simple day to day tasks such as check account balance, transfer funds, send or receive money to friends and family. The problem with the current approach is that it takes a lot of time to open an app, login click though a few pages, and complete a task in Online or Mobile banking.

It would be great if there was an Amazon Skill app that enabled the user to complete some day to day tasks such as checking balance, paying bills, sending money or transferring money. I can imagine one of the concerns with the feature would be security and fraud prevention. There are a few ways to address this: voice authentication, Wifi network, SMS security code to phone and request Alexa user to read code, set $ limits on the Alexa transactions, send notification text to user are a few ways to manage fraud.

Of course, this service would require integration with the backend of the bank so it’s best if it’s launched directly by the bank.

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great answer. useful Alexa Skillset.

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