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Youtube comes in two flavors, the ad-supported version and the premium version at ~$12/month subscription cost. It is also a 2 sided marketplace. Hence it's success not only depends on the number of people watching the content, but also on those uploading content. I will try to breakdown the metrics for success into the Activation, Acquisition, Retention, and Monetization for both viewers and uploaders, as well as for the ad-supported and premium versions.


Acquisition# of new customers uploading content
Retention# of Videos uploaded per consumer. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly active usage numbers for content uploads. Views per video. Channels created per uploader. Subscribers per channel
MonetizationAdvertisement revenue per video


Viewers - Ad supported

Acquisition# of new customers logging in; Daily Traffic
Activation# of logged in users accessing service; 
RetentionAverage time spent on site; Daily, Weekly, Monthly # of Videos watched; Time spent on site
MonetizationAdvertisement revenue per customer; Eyeballs per advertisement; Click through rate; LTV


Viewers - Premium

Acquisiton# of customers signing up for trial
Activation# of customers renewing subscription
RetentionDAU, WAU, and MAU; Subscription renewal  after 2nd month of service; Churn rate
MonetizationMonthly revenue generated from subscribers


Feedback is highly appreciated.

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One user segment that you didn't consider is Advertisers. You could almost draw an Amazon style flywheel to answer this question here.
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