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I would assume we want to change the garage door to increase revenue. The has not been much innovation to the garage door lately.

I would start with looking at what are the present day problems of the garage door.

1. The door takes 10 to 15 sec before it opens or closes.

2. Any one can easily break into the house from the garage door.

3. We named an extra device to control it and cannot know the status of the door when outside.

I would say we concentrate on the 3 rd problem would be most beneficial , we should create an app that could control the garage door with feature like open, close, service/maintenance , check status , alerts when open and closed. This would help people to leave home worry free without thinking to much if they closed the door or not.

it would also be a a good option to make it more safe this can be a differentaition point where the price can be bumped up which can target premium customers.

Making it open and close fast will eliminate problems of the garage door just falling in front of the car or behind it and scratching the car surface off.
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Hey, I think your answer misses a few steps. I suggest you describe why you're focusing on problem 3. I would also include a few different answers and then prioritize them based on some criteria such as value to user and cost of implementation. The app idea is already implemented. The interviewers want to see you think creatively and out of the box. Check out the product design article on the website as a guideline on how to answer a product design question
Hope you find my feedback useful:)

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