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ME: What is the product that we ar launching? What is the state of the product launch? Are we close to launch? How close are we to launch?

Some more questions to the interviewer: 1) Are we launching WW 2) Is it a first time launch or enhancement of existing products? 3)Who are my stakeholders in the meeting?

Interviewer: You are launching a new products, yes WW, and stakeholder will be engineering team and other partners team(you think which team should be present). We are 3 weeks close to launch.

Me- As per my understanding, if we are 3 weeks close- then

a. we should be good with Dev testing and its WW, QA should be 90% done

b. I would include product marketing and sales for GTM, as that something should be taken care of before launch

c.Include Legal/PR in the meeting (could be optional, if I have already a legal/PR process separately for my company)

d. I will include any other stakoholder,such as if I have tech partnered with other team in the same company. Any dependent Tech team etc.

e. reporting is something we should considerin before launching, include data engineering team


Considering this is 45 min:

Lets define the objective of the meeting: Unblock any roadblocks, making sure we are not missing ay elements to launch, taking ownership of any orphan tasks or outstanding items.

Lets define what should we talk in the meeting so that I can list the items that I should be preparing before meeting:

1) Status of each items completed- 5 min

2)Roadblocks if any (10min)

3)Demo (In dev or prod if ready, if not when can we expect)- 15min

4)Incremental launch- success criteria- 5min

5)Rollback plan-5min

6)GTM strategy, content, and assigned persons to follow up-5 min if time left 10 min


So things I should be prepared for before meeting 1) If demo ready, then able to do it with stakehodlers 2) Indentify gaps and roadblocks from engineering team, along with proposed solutions 3) Incremental launch criteria and roll back plans to mitigate risks 4) GTM activities status so far-gaps and assigned POCs

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