How would you improve LinkedIn messenger?
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1. Linkedin mission is to connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. Messenger is a powerful tool for people to connect through sharing of messages to reach out to specific people or audiences through one to one communication. Considering the spamming of people through messages, its all the more important to improve it in order for keeping the connection meaningful through messaging on messenger.

2. Scope of the question
Ask the interviewer if there is anything, in particular, we should be focusing on, otherwise, carry on.

3. Some of the metrics i think important are:

- % of users visiting messaging platform daily/total number of users coming to LinkedIn

- % of users sending a message over messenger/ DAU of Linkedin

- % users reading new messages/ no. of users receiving new messages

- % of users responding to messaging in 30 minutes of reading/% of users reading a message in a day

- The average response time of a message per user

I would focus on - % users reading new messages/ no. of users receiving new messages in a day

If i can improve on this metric that a number of users that read messages/ % of users that receive a message in a day improve then it would potentially improve people connecting over Linkedin. If people read a message, its upto them to respond to the message if they find it relevant. 

4. List down user groups:

- Power users: Visit Linkedin like they do FB and browse through feed multiple times a day

- Sales Professionals or other professionals like HR which use Linkedin for business: very active over Linkedin all day

- People who visit Linkedin 1-2 times a day or when they receive a notification or have to search for something

- People who arent active as they arent looking for new jobs and only visit Linkedin when they receive a notification they find relevant

- People who are not at all active over Linkedin

 People who arent active as they arent looking for new jobs and only visit Linkedin when they receive a notification they find relevant. These are the users that may ignore messages and wont even read them. So i would like to focus on this user group.

5. Some of their painpoints could be:

a. Lot of irrelevant messages or reachouts clutter their messaging section

b. Dont have time to go through messages

c. Loose track of notifications if not active on Linkedin

d.Dont find messages over Linkedin not very relevant

e. I dont get replies for messages sent so dont find it relevant to look at messaging

a,b, c and e are relevant painpoints to solve for in order to make messaging over Linkedin meaningful.

In order to make them read messages more, we can do the following:

a. Send notification with a clear subject line"Linkedin In Mail" or "Linkedin Message" from XYZ working at ABC. Do A/B testing on this.

b. Share a summary of unread messages over email(only to be triggered when there are 2 or more messages)

c. Learn from user behavior based on the messages a person has interacted with in the past and stack them up the rest by grouping most relevant ones at the top (2-3 at the top and rest below)

d. Encourage more and more users to update the settings of receiving notification in their email of the messages by giving hooks accross relevant points in the user journey

e. Give the ability to the sender to create a nudge once for the message sent in case the receiver overlooked it

f. Snooze notification ability to the receiver of the message to read later n then respond to later

g. Categorize the messages - preferably into three wide categories like- Recruiter's inmail, Sales reach out, Others

6. I would evaluate the above on effort required, the value created and risks involved.

a. effort- low, value- med, risk- low-medium

b. effort- low, value- high, risk- low

c. effort- high, value- high, risk- medium(users might start ignoring other messages)

d. effort- medium, value- high, risk- low

e. effort- med, value- med, risk- high(people might get irritated by nudges,make effort to create it less irritating experience)

f. effort- med, value- med as these users arent very active over Linkedin, risk- medium  

g. effort- high, value- med, risk- high (users may end up not looking at other tabs)

I would pick up a, b, c, d for this to start with and mesure them up against the following metrics:

Primary metric: % users reading new messages/ no. of users receiving new messages in a day

Secondary metric:

% users users turning on email settings for messages

% of users that open email with updated subject - "Linkedin inmail", etc vs current subject

% of users that open email which has summary of messages

% of users that open messages that are stacked at the top

In summary, I would try to improve % of people that visit Linkedin very less to read the messages by showing the message to them in relevant places like user's email and also making it very easier for the user to go through the emails as there might be lot of them when they come to Linkedin after a while.

Looking forward to the feedback on my answer.

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This is a great answer, my only feedback and request would be to improve the formatting of this answer so that it's more visually digestible for users. Colors, bullets, etc. This site has a great format editor, that could be leveraged esp for writing longer answers. Thanks
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>Clarify Goal: Increase engagement


  • Recruiter 
  • Sales Professional
  • Regular Joe
  • Job Seeker
  • Mentor Seeker

LInkedin is a professional platform and most activity on Linkedin messsenger is job or advice/mentorship related. So I'd pick job seeker personna to focus on

>Needs/Pain Points

  • Get too many recruiter emails - hard to prioritize (P1 huge downside and missed opportunities by not being able to manage it)
  • Forget to follow up with someone (P4 huge cost by missing to follow up)
  • Repeatedly have to ask the same information again and again to each recruiter and provide the same information back in return E.g. me: who is the hiring manager? recruiter: can you send me your resume? Almost every chat has this repeated (P3 Tedious and annoying)
  • Very cumbersome to schedule time for an initial exploratory chat - have to juggle with linkedin messenger, gmail, calendly etc to schedule and sometimes forget whether it's over phone, videocon etc (P2 most inefficient part of the process where I lose and waste lot of time)
  • Have to flip flop between linkedin messenger and email
  • Forgot if I ever got on a call with this recruiter or not. If so, when did I talk to this person - notes

Priorities are indicated in paranthesis

  • Create tags/kanban boards offering alternate view of conversations so I can manage them better
  • Acquire a service such as Zoom video conferencing and integrate calendar, scheduling and video conferencing all within linkedin messenger
    • Enable audio and video calling - so people can focus on connecting and less on "what is your number again?"
    • For abuses, privacy and security some members can chose to not enable audio/video calling
  • Ability to create 2-3 template response buttons so I can create a custom message and use it in one click
  • Ability to attach resume on one tap - right now it's a terrible experience on mobile
  • Provide ability to mark and schedule "follow ups" like how gmail has implemented recently
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