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Preliminary Questions:

  1. How much was the storage and bandwidth in the last year?
  2. How many more users since the last year?
  3. What location do we need to consider - Global or only US?
  4. What was the bifurcation of storage last year for services in the last year ? - Google Doc vs Slides vs Sheets vs more 
  5. Which component occupies majority of the space and how much ( Eg Images and videos - 80% of used storage and other files - 20%)
  6. Assumption: Bandwidth required for each interaction: 2 MB
  7. What was the average storage consumed by user in the previous year?
Now Google Drive users will also be divided into two parts: a) G Suite(Professional) b) Non Professional
Bandwidth consumed will differ for G Suite from Non Professional Users
Factor the storage consumed in the previous year and check if more storage is even required or not? If yes, for what reasons and by how much!
Bandwidth : ((Increase in usage of bandwidth per user)x (No of old users) + (Usage of bandwidth per user) x (Increase in No of Drive Users))

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