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One way to estimate the number of cows would be to think about the total number of farms in Canada and average number of cows per farm in Canada.

Let’s assume that there are 10,000 farms in Canada. And the average maximum number of cows per farm is estimated to be 60. Assuming the Canadian farms are generally operating at 80% utilization, we can say the total number of cows in Canada is:

10,000 x 60 x 80% = 480,000

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It’s a good estimate.
Why are we using utilization of the farm, to calculate the number of cows in Canada?
this question seems weird to me, because how could one make educated assumption on how many farms exists in Canada direct? are all farms has cows? if we could make direct assumption of #cow farms, is it just equivalent to assume # of cow?

my thoughts is taking an inference approach, consider how much milk people has to consume, and infer to # of female cow then to whole population

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