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Clarify: I am going to assume this is asking for the total wifi set up cost in NYC. This is only including the initial setup, not the monthly recurring cost. Also assume the whole NYC doesn't have internet today and we need to install wifi for everyone all at once. I didn't break it down to # of users who have internet already. 

Equation: NYC household * % have internet * avg. WIFI set up the cost per family

- NYC Population: 8M; assume avg. 3 people in one household; = 3M household in NYC.

- % have internet: avg. 80% of U.S household has internet;  assume NYC has a higher internet coverage rate = 90%

- Internet set up cost: 1) modem cost: avg. $60 ~ $100; 2) activation fee: $50 ; total = $100 avg.

Ans: 3M*90%*120= 300,000 *9 *100 = 2.7m * $100 =  $270m

Is it that? I must be wrong. 

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