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  1. Who we are? Gov? Google → solve the commute problem

  2. Restriction? No

  3. Traffic problem? Carpool? → No

  4. Driving experience? → Yes

Users → impacted by the rush hours

Size + Willingness to pay

  1. Students (High - primary K12) - M, M

    1. on the school bus

    2. Parents driving

    3. Carpool

  2. College students - L, L

    1. Live close to campus

    2. Time flexible → class schedule dif

  3. Professionals who need to daily commute - H, H

    1. Driving

    2. Public transportation

User pain points

  1. Time-sensitive

  2. Boring when stuck in traffic

  3. Drive after work/in a bad weather condition → not safe


  1. Improve the rush hour driving experience by delivering a joyful experience while driving


  1. User is able to set up a playlist in a certain time frame that includes different content (music, news, podcast, etc)

    1. The product will design a customized playlist that fits exactly into your 1-hour driving time frame

  2. Ai Work assistant

    1. Preview the work needs to be done today

    2. High-level/quick emails reply

  3. Reminder → Ai Things don’t have time to do normally

    1. Book a hair cut appointment

    2. Book restaurant


Cost to build

Achieve goal/return

Set up a playlist



Work assistant



Life things to be done



Product As a user, I want to set up a specific playlist that includes all types of content that I want to listen within a certain time frame so that I could listen from one product instead of switching between different apps.


  1. User adoption: New UU

  2. ******Engagement*****:

    1. Avg. the feature being used when the user is driving

      1. % time the feature is enabled while the user is driving

  3. Counter metrics: Youtube useful dropped?

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#000000; font-family:Arial; font-size:11pt; font-variant-east-asian:normal; font-variant-numeric:normal; vertical-align:baseline; white-space:pre-wrap">What product line should this feature fit into?

Natural extension for the user experienceSizeCons
YoutubeMHContent to narrow
Googlel newsMLContent to narrow
MapsHHNot a natural extesion. 
AssistantHHCoverage not high for non-android users
New productsnanaNot big enough


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A very good question. I wonder if the original question is

How would you improve the rush hour experience for Android Auto
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