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Use cases

1. The search feature is to search for acontacts or group by name

2. Messages by text


Improve the user experience 


Group/person search:

1. Allow group admins to make the group discoverable and allow the interested cohorts to join the group using

- directly using the link provided

- Post Admin approval

Messages search:

Current pain points:

1. too many search result making difficult to find the required result

2. Single search box for both contact search or message search making it difficult to find the results


Advanced search option

- Select with the filters: 

- from contacts, group list

- content type: image, pdf, word file etc.

- from a date and to date filters


1. Voice search option

2. Image search option to find out the exact communication.

Metrics to track:

1. Search results click through rate

2. % of users using the advanced search feature/ percentage of users for search option

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