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Definition of the feature:

Facebook profile verification is used by the famous personalities, and businesses to ensure that their fans (or target audience) can find them easily (search result would appear on the top) and don't mistake other similar/ fake profiles as the real ones. 

I would ask the interviewer if this is the correct definition, or he has anything more to add that I am missing here.

Goals of the feature:

  1. Reduce the number of fake profiles
  2. Have more real engagement for those personalities with their fans

Again, I would confirm with the interviewer if something I am missing there.

User journey:

I am not very sure of it. But I would assume it takes place in the following way:

  1. User would go to FAQ/ How-to-get verified page to learn about the process
  2. User can alternatively go to the settings page where user can turn on this feature
  3. The user check certain box
  4. Facebook calls them to ensure that it is a correct profile
  5. Verification is accepted
Again, confirmation time.
Quantifying the customer journey into standard funnel:
  1. Awareness metrics:
    • # of users visiting the FAQ/ How-to page per week/ day/ month
    • # of users visiting the profile verification page per week/ day/ month
  2. Acquisition/ Activation metrics:
    • # of retail users requesting for verified user per week/ day/ month
    • # of business users requesting for verified user per week/ day/ month
  3. Engagement metrics:
    • # of profile views before and after the verification
    • # of engagements per post before and after the verification
    • # of followers before and after the verification
    • # of fake profiles reported per verified profiles vs unverified profiles
Since facebook usually does not charge (need to be confirmed at the beginning) for this service, revenue (and referral ) related metrics would not be applicable here.
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