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Clarify: Is this a product design question or a product launch question? I assume it's the former. Assume this is being designed on the mobile (smartphone) app.

Goal and Mission: FB's mission is to bring the world closer together/ give people the power to build communities. Dating is a popular way for people to connect/ get into a relationship, so I believe it makes sense for FB to enter the dating market.


  • "Explorer" - person searching for a date
  • "Reviewer" - person who's already put themselves out there, i.e. have a full fledged profile and want to accept/reject potential dates
  • Friend of the Explorer or Reviewer - provides their opinion on potential dates

I choose the Explorer and Reviewer personas given they're equally important and are the primary consumers of this product.

Pain points with dating:

  1. Trust - can I trust this person? how do I tell if s/he's not in another relationship?
  2. Safety - how do I know this person is not a criminal? will this person harm me if I reject him/her? 
  3. Compatibility - does this person share my interests/goals/dreams?
  4. Meeting up - logistical decisions about where to meet, when to meet, making a reservation, etc.

I feel #1, 2 and 3 above are the biggest pain points when it comes to dating. Also, unless these three pain points are solved, #4 doesn't come into the picture. Hence, I'd like to work towards building a solution for these three pain points.

Use Cases:

  1. As an Explorer user, I want to be able to search for and view a list of potential dates
  2. As a Reviewer user, I want to be notified when a potential date reaches out to me and take necessary follow on actions


  • Introduce a new check box/ field on user profile (heart icon?) to indicate they're looking to date. On the left nav, build a new link called "Find Me A Date". Clicking on that shows you potential matches by default - algorithm looks at common interests, location, education, number of common connections, etc. User also has an option to filter results or do a custom search based on specific criteria (age, sex, location, education, work, interests, etc.). <Highly recommend wireframing this on a whiteboard>
  • If I'm a Reviewer user, I get separate notifications for dates. When I get an incoming request for a date, I am presented with info from the person's timeline but curated for me, i.e. name and profile pic, common connections (plus recent comments on common connections' posts), check-ins at restaurants I like (or ones with cuisines I like), movie/music/event interests, etc. I can then accept/decline the request or flag it for viewing later. <Highly recommend wireframing this on a whiteboard>
  • FB can differentiate themselves from the competition by removing concerns around trust and safety in a couple of ways:
    • Provide the option for users to willingly subject themselves to a background check (FB will have to partner with law enforcement agencies in the backend to get access to criminal history, marriage records, etc.).
    • Provide the option for users to willingly subject themselves to a health check (FB will have to gain user's permission to access their health records to screen for STDs, etc.)
    • Users who've been vetted will be shown at the top of dating search results, special check mark will visible on their profile pic
    • Call out that this is a high cost feature - the hard part is in building partnerships with law enforcement vs. actual product implementation

Summary: Summarize everything towards the end of the interview.

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