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1. What is the objective of a fb group ?

It is a platform for like minded individuals who share a common purpose or platform for people with common objective to meet.

If we breakdown down this objective, we can consider four broad themes which groups try to fulfil -

a. get tasks done : like find a roommate, carpool options in orange county etc)

b. share info :  like group of CERN researchers debating/sharing findings, q&a among group members

c. promote commerce

d. promote networking

2. What does the current fb group product do?

It broadcasts posts of each member to everyone else, with the now popular tools of likes, comments, share fostering conversation among groups members on these posts.

3. Where can it improve?

If we look at objectives, groups in current form does the jobs (b) and (d) to a large extent, but there is significant scope for improvement for (a) and (c).

To make group achieve an intended task like finding a roommate or a buying of second hand items, the group should allow to follow through rest of the stuff that happens outside fb's purview like contacting the person, scheduling a visit, discussion of price, payment etc.

Now every group may have its own needs. For eg: group to find a roommate may not need the payment part, but the marketplace for second hand goods may need it. So the feature I am proposing is plug and play module which every group admin can choose depending on the purpose of the group.

The following modules can be thought of -

1. Contacting a person, discussion of price - fb group already has messenger for this use case

2. Scheduling a visit - calendar block can be integrated with messenger

3. payment - auction model can be built and integrated into messenger, for facilitating payment fb can introduce escrow service for holding payments until service delivery.


1. Group Admins who use these additional customization for expanding their services

2. DAU of users who use each of the tasks

3. successful transactions/ engagement of each of these extended use-cases.
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What is Facebook group? 

FB group is a forum that allows members to share posts, links, documents etc. It allows members to comment on the posts shared on the grup. The goal of FB groups is to build a communitu of people with similar thinking, background or interest. The goal of FB groups is inline with the company's goal: connecting people. 

Let's ask clarifying question

- What does it mean by improving FB groups? Do we want to improve

  • creationg of the page
  • suggestion to the people to join fb group aka discovery of a group
  • search of an fb group
  • UI/UX of fb group

- Do we want to improve the web version or the app ?

- Do we want to improve FB group for a certain group? (group catering to markeplace? job search? celebrating events?

- What is the goal of improvement? Monetization? Increase in the number of the user? Engagement of the user? 


Now, time to identify personas

- People creating groups -admins 

- Members of the group 

Let's say we want to increase the experience of  a particular group catering to marketpalce  (buying/selling) for members to increase their engagement. Long term goal is to increase the payment transcation through FB for mometization (FB to take a cut from the seller from a transaction)


Pain points

- As a buyer i would like to see the product physically before buying it at a convenient time 

- As a buyer I would like to get a refund if the product is defective and does not work 

- As a buyer I would like to meet at a public place which is equidistant from my and the seller place 

- As a buyer I would like to see which sellers are giving a product for free or free shipping 

- As a buyer I would like to see posts of items which are still availble not sold out. 

- As a buyer I would like to pay the seller online through card ( I believe FB already provides this service)


Let's see if we can tackle all problems with the a few solution

optionImpact to userDev complexity
Share calendar to book appointment for physically seeing the product. FB already has the feature for its employees where they share the calendar with the other person and the other person can choose a time slot based on both the users availability. High (reduces the back and forth between seller and buyer to schedule a time)Low 
Integrate maps to show the mid point between the seller and the buyer. Once the appointment is scheduled, suggest both the parties public places where they can meet and is in the middle of both the parties. The users can select top 2-3 of their choices, the ones that matches can be then finalized.HighMedium (would have to  build the suggestion model, I believe FB is already integrated with maps thats why they are able to show the city of the seller)
Enhance search: In the search option provide ability to the user to select price range starting from free. provide option to see if the user accepts returns. provide option to see the items if they are still available. MediumMedium (FB already has the data, it just needs to curate it and build API/UI on top of it)
Build a feature to provide status if the item is sold out , still available, pending transactionMedium (sellers might not update the status instantaneously) Medium 

Based on the impact and complexity, I would go with solution 2 & 1. 


Metrics to measure success

- After launching the above features for marketplace group, we can monitor

  • Number of users booking appointment via fb calendar 
  • Number of users selecting common/mid point through suggestions 
  • Number of users buying/selling via the marketplace before and after the feature launch
  • Churn rate of the user
  • Feedback / escalations via support channel 
  • DAU before and after the changes 
  • Avg time spend by a user before and after the feature launch



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