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Clarifyng questions

  • Did the interviewer have a specific customer segment in mind?
  • Were there any specific goals in mind with regards to revenue or market share that the interviewer had in mind for the new design?
  • Would this remote be shipped with every TV or a stand alone produce that can be sold as a seperate accessory to enhance customer experience and be sold for a premium? 
Customer Segment
Assuming that the remote would be marketed as an additional accessory to well to do customers to enhance their entertainment experience.
Unmet Needs/Pain-Points
  • Remotes are easily misplaced.
  • Remotes frequently need their batteries to be replaced.
  • Voice command recognition on remotes can be unreliable.
  • Multiple remotes are needed to control multiple devices such as changing TV channels, controlling DVD player etc.
  • One family member might hog the remote
  • Kids might be exposed to content not suitable for their ages, if parents can't find remotes to switch the channel in time.
Potential Solution
A TV remote that plugs into the USB port of the TV, and is powered by the same and can be mounted on top of the TV like a webcam. This TV remote would recognize human gestures and voice commands to take relative action. By being always plugged into the TV, the remote would solve the misplacement and battery replacement issues. Also, by being able to recognize hand gestures it would be more reliable than voice controlled remotes due to accent differences. By beng able to recognize the different family members the remote could be programmed to respond to only one family member's gestures and commands or automatically switch to more family friendly content if it detects children in range.
The following table analyzes the potential customer impact and engineering effort for each of the features:
FeatureCustomer ImpactEngineering Effort
Powers from USB port on TVSS
Can be mounted on top of TVLS
Can recognize gesturesLM
Can differentiate between operatorsSL
Can switch content when kids are aroundML
Can operate multiple devicesLL

Based on the evaluation, the MVP should have the following features:

  • Can be mounted on top of the TV
  • Can recognize gestures
  • Can operate multiple devices
I left out being powered by USB as in the MVP customers could potentially live with another wire connecting to the power outlet. The USB connection would be so that the device can recognize the TV and all devices plugged into the TV.
In summary, I would recommend coming up with a standalone remote that can respond to human gestures as something that is completely different from what is available in the market and would help solve pain points most common with the TV remote with the MVP of the product addressing the most basic pain points of customers.
Feedback welcome.
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