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Artists can be related to Music
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First, lets understand the features of youtube and what it does for video artists

it has 2 types of users

1. viewers - 

  • view, comment, like, share

2. artists - 

  • create - (how) youtube creator
  • upload - (why)
  • fame - views
  • monetize
    • brand integrations
    • ad clicks
    • affiliate products
  • connect with fans


now we want to create youtube like platform for music artist


so who are these music artists


  • strugglers - yash deshpande
  • famous - post malone

not serious

  • people doing it as a hobby

We'll foucus on the serious people for this problem


Typical Music Artist Journey

1. experiment

2. create music using instruments 


(painful part - we'll focus on that)

3. record it in studio

4. label it

5. release it

6. people buy and listen 

7. auto seletion of effect (bass mode etc) 

8. they give their feedback

9. butterfly effect/network effect


10. repeat


Focus will be on 

creator software -> seamless upload without loss of quality --> setting a release date (teaser/album/song .. ) --> promotion on social media

list of solutions

1. having an native app and web app for people to listen songs

2. having a studio software to add raw song recordings to give effects

3. upload to the profile of a music artist through secure channel (to prevent leak)

4. setting song journey

  • 1. set teaser date to create buzz
  • 2. set launch date for an album or a song
  • 3. add various updates on social media handles of artists/label etc

5. montior and act upon comments/like/share etc from various platforms (premium feature - second priority)

6. Arrange by various dimnesions various carousel on artist profile page

  • new release carousel
  • famous/hits carousel
  • genre carousel
  • (concert/re-performanece) location carousel 
  • (interview/podcast carousel)
Evaluation of features

# infra/augment | privacy | innovative | honest | utility |  ease

1 infra                   low            low           yes         -            -

2 infra                   high           low          yes         -             -

3 infra                very high       low         yes         -             -

4 augmented      medium       high         yes   very high   needs improv

5 augmented      medium    medium     yes       high        medium

6 augmented          low           low         yes      low            high



development will be divided in 3 phases

phase 1 MVP

  • fearture 1,2,3

Phase 2 Post MVP - Product main POD - (points of diffrentiation)

  • feature 4

Phase 3 additional Points of parity and maret positioning

  • feature 5, 6
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