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Here's my attempt

Clarrify questions 

Assuming its a 20% increase. Can I ask what the feature does?  - Some random answer

Is it increase YoY / WoW/ or increase in a day?

Is the increase for a specific region or demography?

Is the increase seen on app or web? 

Let's say the increase is seen WoW for all region and demography for that feature


Engagement of feature X increase by 20% whereas rest of the FB feature is stable. End result overall increase by 20%


Engagement of feature X increase by 20% whereas one of the other feature of FB has decreased by 40%. End result overall decrease.


Engagement of feature X increase by 20% and one of the other features decreased by 20%. End result overall stable. 

In order to know if Case1 is true, I would collect the following metrics

* # of DAU and MAU: if the overall engagement has increased, we should see an increase in DAUs

* Avg time spend by a user should be higher if the overall engagement has increased.

* Revenue by ads. This should also go up

* Engagement on FB is tied to posts and reactions. We can check if the # of posts or reactions have gone up. 




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