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To answer this question, I will go through the following steps:

  1. what is the product
  2. who are the users
  3. what are the features of this product
  4. Metrics
What is the product:
Google Docs is a cloud-based document editing application that allows its users to make edits to the document from any device without having to download any software
Who are the users:
2 types of users come to my mind when thinking of this produce - Students and Working professionals
  • Instant share
  • Collaboration
  • accessible on any device
  • Support all documents type
Time spent on editing each page (session time/number of pages edited)
I think this is a very important metric to look at. This will help me understand, how effectively users are able to use the product after launching the app. We want this number to be as low as possible because ultimately, the goal of the product is to enable our users to create documents effectively (without wasting time)
Let's first figure out how long does it take to type a page.
there are about 15 words per line and 20 lines on a page. So a total of 300 words/page
average typing speed is 75 words per minute
so it takes 300/75 = 4 minutes per page
let's add 1 more minute to this number for formatting and as a buffer. So, on average, a user should take about 5 minutes per page.
let's assume session time is 100 minutes and number of pages edited in that time is 5. which gives us 20 pages per minute.
this is a very high number. Now we need to figure out reasons for this number because that will help us understand how our users are using the app and what are the areas they are struggling with. to do that, I will formulate and test a bunch of hypotheses. Few hypotheses that come to my mind are:
  • Slow typing speed
  • unable to figure out how to make edits like
    • add/remove space
    • add bullets
    • wrap text around an image
If the test results prove any of the hypotheses to be correct, we will then work towards working on improving that.
If our test reveals that its the slow typing speed that has increased the time spent on each page then we can introduce the smart suggest feature in google docs as well, this may increase the typing speed and effectively reduce the time spent on each page
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