How would you improve the Airbnb app?
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AiBnB is a platform which provides miliions of travellers a place to call home. People can book a house ; a room or hotel or can even get a shared room if they are on a budget. It also provides activities suggestions to the user around their destination areas. 

Clarifying question

1. What do we want to improve? The UX? The search algorithm?

2. Will the improvement be on the app or web?

3. What is the goal of the improvement? Monetization? User engagement?


- User looking for airbnb (could be divided into solo traveler/ young ; mid-age / couples ; family with kids)

- Users posting on airbnb 

Let's say we want to improve the search experience for family with kids to enhance user engagement. Targeting this audience as they are the ones who have the capacity to spend. 

Lets call out the pain problem

1 As a traveler, I would like to stay at a place which is optimal  (time/distance ) to all my tourist destination. I don't mind paying extra bucks.

2 As a traveler, I would want to stay at a safe neighbourhood area. 

3 As a traveler, I would like to see if the house meets the standard of cleanliness and ameneties. 

4. As a traveler, I would like to have a pre-set filter based on my profile

I am not able to think of anything else. Let's see if we can identify solution of the above use-cases. 

SolutionImpact to businessImpact to UsersDev Complexity
Allow user to enter multiple attractions they would like to visit at the destination; based on that plot a graph on the map which shows the suggested area to live in. Also show the listings for that are. High (AirBnB has more data about the user; they can use that info and improve their suggestion algo in the "experience" sectionHigh (they now need to do a researh on their own on the areas to live)Medium (its already integrated with maps)
The above could then be enhanced with providing ratings of the area suggested. An area could be optimal distance to a tourist spot but might not be safe. Add another option for the reviewers when giving rating to a list "would you recommend this neighbourhood to someone like you" ; "would you consider neighbourhood safe"High High (encourages people to book through airbnb as other people have recommended the area)Medium (airbnb already has the option of taking feedback, they just need to add two new metrics and curate the data)
The above feedback option could be further enhaced to satisfy use-case 3. Allow reviewers to post a video of the apartment or an image to show the actual picture of the apartment. The images and video will be posted after review by airbnb to avoid any malicious content getting uploaded on their site. Airbnb could also define image size or the video quality.MediumHighHigh (they would have to introduce a new process of auditing pics)
Allow user to create a profile and select amenities that they would like to have irrespective of the destination and airbnb. Ex. a profile of a user with search criteria of  2 bed + 2 bath + wifi + parking. When ever the user hits search for a particular destination, the options are pre-fileredLow/MediumHighMedium (would have to create a UI for user profile, storage capacity to store the profile data)

Based on the above, I would go ahead with implemeting 1 - 2 -3 

Metrics to measure

- Number of people searching for a house vs clicking on the suggested "area" apartments vs actually booking it

- Negative reviews of the suggested "area apartments" 

- Number of people who booked the listing based on the suggestion said that the area was not safe


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