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One of the features that I would like to see improved is the buyer research experience prior to purchase in the Amazon app. The persona I have in mind is a person who would like to obtain more information about a product before making a purchase. This person has a few unique needs:

– they want to know what other people think of their purchases of the product
– they want to see what sort of industry reviews (if any) are out there about the product
– they want to compare it to all their other options quickly

Out of the three problems listed above, I think the first need is the most important one because it can encapsulate number 2 and 3 if they are able to obtain the opinion of the right people. Here, I’m going to brainstorm a few ideas to meet the needs of the buyers who are looking for other people’s opinions on a particular product

1. enable user to connect with Amazon certified volunteer experts in a field for advice
2. enable user to see if anyone they know purchased the same product so that they can ask for their opinion
3. enable user to start a conversation from amazon app with a particular person to ask for opinions on a purchase

And here is how I would rate these solutions based on impact on customer experience, revenue impact, and implementation cost.

1. low on CX impact (might not be easy to find experts in various areas), low impact on revenue (experts need to be rewarded for participation and volunteer work so there will be expenses with supporting them. they might also be biased), high implementation cost (need to find many experts)
2. medium on cx (you’re enabling user to find out who to seek advice from. however, possibility of finding a friend / family who purchased same item might be low for less-popular items), low on revenue, high implementation cost (enable adding people to amazon’ friend list and being able to check if they made a purchase of a particular item or a similar item)
3. high on cx (you’re enabling user to discuss options with people they trust in a seamless manner via the amazon app), medium on revenue, medium implementation cost (integrate with phone’s contact list and enable chat with a particular person as an MVP)

Out of the three solutions listed, I would like to move ahead with solution 3 as it has the most impact on CX and lowest cost. The feature can enable people to easily discuss purchase options / exchange with each other with option to easily go back to the conversation around a particular purchase decision quickly at any time, making it easy for them to collect opinions from people they trust to make a purchase decision.

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Hi Brian. It’s a great answer. The interviewer will most likely ask you to explain your logic behind your ratings for each of the solutions you’ve listed. Be ready to justify your answers in more detail.

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