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Clarifying Questions?

  • What do you mean by improvement? is there any particular aspect of the business?
  • Suppose the answer is that they want to improve customer retention?
  • Is customer retention for both business and individual users ? or any specific market segment
  • Let's assume they want to focus on the business segment.


Well, if the goal is to increase customer retention rate we got to improve the value proposition to the customers. For the same, I will explore who are the users of Dropbox while exploring their motivations and goals for using it. After that, I will get into the user journey and along the way, I will see what are the pain points in the current product. Then, I will think of the solutions which could address the problems and finally, I will prioritize the solutions weighing between business value and efforts involved.

Dropbox is a SAS based content management software for small and large businesses to give frictionless file-sharing services. One could access his data anywhere anytime in the world.


Primarily I will divide dropbox users into two groups SMB and corporates. Since corporates segment is already crowded with Microsoft and other big players I would focus on SMB's customer base.

Use Goals:

  • Hassle free sign up process, SMB has a shorter sales cycle can expect to wait for having an up and running software.
  • Instant sync of the changes, while multiple users working on the same file or a folder. It should have an instant reflection of changes.
  • Easy process of merging of multiple folders into a single one. Sometimes different team members are working on their private files and at the end, they want to merge into a master file.
Pain Points:
  • Sign up and onboarding training is time taking process. First-Time users usually go to youtube videos to see "how to use a Dropbox"
  • There is always a latency during sync and that causes a serious interruption in team works.
  • When a group of members wants to make a single version of a work, this whole process is really time taking and hassle-prone.
  • There should be a single step signup process without asking tons of questions about the company. That could be faciliate having a virtual assistant who would facilitate through the process and make the software up and running. That's how it will become easy to use for novice users, this addresses a first pain point.
  • Latency problem attributes to available bandwidth. Bandwidth divides among all open apps in your device. If we would block other apps temporarily this problem could be easily solved.
  • Machine learning algorithm which captures all duplicate data and makes a single copy not losing any version of data. This would be game for designers who works in a multiple version scenario and they have to merge it manually
As solution thirds would have a high impact and medium efforts. I recommend solution 3 to increase the customer retention rate and enhance the value proposition.
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