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Clarifiying questions: 

  1. Is this a standalone TV or integrated in car? Used for entertainment ?
  2. Is this for private/commercial cars or do you have specific cars in mind?
  3. Any specific user , region in mind?
  4. Any specific price point in mind ?
  5. Specific OS ?

Answer : You can design as you wish. This TV is sold both as a standalone unit 

Assumption: Driving rules still require driver of the car to not be distracted so usage allowed primarily in passenger seats.

Goal: Is the goal marketshare, revenueAssume goal is to capture marketshare considering numerous players already in this space.

Users: Car TV are generally used by people during long distance travel. Typical users are

  1. Families with kids (30-45 age group): Parents wants to entertain the kids during long travel. During short travel /local commute they do not wants kids to spend additional screen time
  2. Group travelers (20-35) : Friends travelling together on long distance rides
  3. Riders of driverless car: As self driving cars will become more prominent and main stream, car TV will be useful in keeping the riders entertained

I would select my primary user as families with kids  as they still need a way to keep their kids entertained on long rides. 

Use cases:

1. As a user, I would like a rich and wide selection of content  TV shows, movies, music, games (Impact  H, Complexity: M)

2. As a user, I should be able to easily and quickly search and select the content of interest (Impact H, Complexity H)

3. As a parent, I would like to control the content that kids can see (Impact H, Complexity L)

4. As a parent, I would like to set a time limit for viewing (Impact L, Complexity L)

5. As a parent, I would also like educational topics for kids so that they can learn as well as be entertained (Impact H, Complexity H)

6. Ability to play single or multi user games (Impact M, Complexity H)

7. I would like the capability to cast my phone's screen on the TV so that passengers can acess phone content such as yelp, maps, points of inetrest etc during travel (Impact M, Complexity L)

For this design I would like to focus on 1,2,3,5,7


1. This will be an android TV with integration of content from major players such  as Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, Pandora, Show the grid view so users can easily select the content. There will be a companion app so parents can also select and control the content on TV from the app 

2. Integrate with Google voice assistance for one to be able to easity search and select the content.

3. Provide parental control settings so parents can control the content viewing from their app. They can prconfigure the selection on the app and only those channels are viewable on screen

4.Have a "education and fun channel". Parents should be able to add the age settings for chindren. The topics will then be populated based on age setting. These will be fun how to, do you know videos.

5. Based on age settings, one can explore single or multi user games such as word quiz, scrabble chess etc and play while they travel


Solution Evaluation

Solution NoImpact to userFrequency of useComplexity

Since this is MVP of the product, I would like to roll out 1,2,5 as these will be likely keep the family enteratined. In the next iteration, I would like to focus on 3,4 from solution and 7 from the use case.




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Question: Design a TV for car

Context: Customers and Needs 

Who needs TVs in their cars? When do they need it? What kind of content?

- Families with your kids to keep them entertained on long drives in cars, RVs, private buses

- Luxury cab drivers to offer their passengers a experience to charge a premium.

- Drivers such as Truck Drivers needing a break and follow their favorite sports team.

- Drivers needing to use the TV for communication, coordination on the go with their customers

My role - as a TV vendor, who is wanting to release a new product in the marketplace, giving people a choice. Considering the current landscape, there is a TV viewing experience on family cars for kids. For them, a basic viewing and listening experience controlled by an adult would be interesting. For luxury cab drivers, a premium experience is key and the TV experience contributes to it as well. For majority of the truck drivers, they are usually riding solo and they are employed drivers. For them, the key is to catch up on events and tune into special events, 

Considering the above, if my goal is to increase expansion of my current TV product to fulfill the needs of new customers, expand the served segment, I would like to focus on making a TV for the luxury cabs or sedans. As a user, many times, I am stuck in traffic and have nothing better to do but it would be nice to catch up with favorite team. AFAIK, the car ride companies also make most of their margin on luxury makes and it would help shore up that margin.

User Cases & Prioritization: 

1.  As a user, I need to see my favorites on the go.  Such as a favorite sports team or yesterday night's big game. Frequency of Usage: High

2. I want to have a good viewing experience - I am willing to pay an extra dollar, good video quality, good sound quality - eliminate road noise, vehicle noise Frequency of Usage: High

3. I am buckled in but want to be able to make choices easily  Frequency of usage: High- 

4. I want to continue where I left off : Frequency of usage: High

5. I want to photos, videos, on a bigger screen some times since the ride may not be very long. : Frequency of usage: Medium

6. I want to catch up on news : Frequency of usage: Medium

7. I want to watch pay per view episodes: Frequency of usage: Low



Solution 1:

1. TV designed to work with a mobile phone so that mobile content can be cast on the TV screen. 

2. TV has accompanying head sets with noise cancellation speakers to eliminate road noise. 

3. Mobile video content provider of cjhoice providers their own choice - a movie/episode/podcast catalog 

4. Mobile apps cast on TV - provide all familiar controls, continue existing viewing habits

5. TV designed to fit within the car and work in both daylight and nightime - so light adaptive brightness control particularly important

6. Considering this is a mobile device, over the air updates to keep device healthy/update is important.

 Solution 2:

1. Provide a VR like head set instread of TV screen.

2. Accompanying mobile app allows theater like experience for existing content.

3. Provide link up to popular cable/broadcast channels to show 


Considering that this is first version and that there are lots of uncertainties, recommend #1 to gauge interest. Further, the TV could be a general purpose tablet with popular video content providers available for viewing, popular programs shared via rider profile.

Success Metric: Percent of cars activated with TV in area of launch, Percent of users watching TV per ride, % return users 







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