What would be your strategy to bring partners onto the facebook platform for Black Friday?
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Can I get a clarification of partner? Is that for ad, news content, or?
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First, what is our goal? Why do we want to bring partners on the platform specifically on black friday and what do we want them to do?

Are we trying to recruit new partners to the platform or encourage existing partners to increase their advertising spend on the platform? for black friday, or just If our - advertising campaigns? Is our priority to increase profit, increase revenue, to sign up new advertising partners, or otherwise?

If the goal is to increase revenue and/or bring new partners, I would offer "Black Friday" advertising deals to encourage existing advertising partners to spend on campaigns.

If the goal is to bring on new advertising partners, the offering could be targeted to business pages that have not yet engaged in paid advertising, If the goal is to bring on partners, who might potentially convert into paid advertising partners, then the offering could be advertised on outside platforms and mediums to reach customers outside of Facebook's orbit.

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