How would you design at ETA system for Lyft drivers?
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Questions : Whether it is for Drivers to get updated ETA about the arrival of rider before he picks him/her up. Or is it for rider to get info on ETA of driver to reeach the pick up spot ?Assuming the first one.

What is the goal behind designing the ETA system ? Is the current ETA system not accurate ? Assuming it is not and we want to achieve better customer experience and hence increase customer retention.

Goal : How to design ETA system for riders to increase customer retntion bby enhancing Customer Experience.

Personas : 1)Students - takiing lyft rides to university, visitiing friends, visting shoppung malls, etc

2)Adults - need rides to and fro to work, meetings, conferences

3)Senior Citizens (SN)- vistiing friends.

Students and SN may still be ok with the fact of reaching somewhere late, but for working professinals its very important to reach the workplace on time.So i would like to target this persona of working adults to enhance their experience on lyft app and have them a reliiable experience so they keep coming back to our app.

Use Cases : 1)Booking the ride by updatiing piick up and drop off points

2) choosing the options for Lyft shared saver or lyft line, etc

3) Revieing the price

4) Estimated Time of Arrival ( with a duration based of cuurrent traffic conditions and from the point of travel from driver to rider pick up to rider drop off)

5)Updating Payment Options

6) Booking the riide

7) Getting driver information alongwith teh car detaiils

8)Making payment

9) Rating the driiver and giving feedback.

10) Rating teh Lyft app for overall experience

Pain Points : 1) Working professionals finding ETA is not accurate

2) Unable to plan travel wiith accuracy

3) Reaching late at work/ meetings/ conferences

4) Unable to plan commuute with multiple stopovers having options for transitioning through ferry/ bart/other commute options.

Solutions: 1) Having integration wiith google maps API as they are highly accuurate

2) Use existing data to make better predictabiility decision makiing for ETA systems


Prioritiizing : 1. Effort =low, Value =High , Cost = High

2. Effort =Medium, Value=High , Cost =low

I would go with prioritiizing option 2 as its cost effeictive and is ensuring building accurate ETA at lower price utilizing all existing data and infrastruture Lyft has.

MVP : all basic fetaurees left has + accurate ETA built using Lyft data platform and infrastructure.

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