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We'll first estabilish whether number of people taking flight at any airport are same as number of people coming to that airport by flight

  1. To simplify, Lets assume that 100% flight capacity is utilized
  2. plane once arrive at airport will have next fligt to some other airport (i.e. it does not end up in hangar)
  3. Even if flights are connectig and x% of people get down at airport, x% will come to airport to take flight as we are assuming that 100% capacity is being utilized


Airport Dropoff (Uber + Other Players + Self Vehicles) = Airport Pickups (Uber + Other Players + Self Vehicles)

Why pickups from airport < dropoff at airport for Uber

  • Alternate mode of transport such as Bus, Other Cab services or Family/Hotel Service Pickus are available
  • Uber pickups might be expensive than others

What customers need

  1. Quick availability of cabs at airport
  2. Cheaper rate

Metrics to looked at before arriving at solution

1. Booking rate while airport drop-off

  • People booking airport drop off cab/people opening app and selecting airport as drop off location

2. Booking rate while airport pick-up

  • People booking  pick up cab/people opening app and selecting location from airport 

Ideally, these rates should be equal.


Possible solutions to balance dropoffs and pickups

1. Pre-book airport journey feature

  • Enter flight number
  • Automatic cab will be scheduled for you to pick up as well as when you land at the respective airport
  • Cab pickup from airport will be adjusted automatically as per delays and arrival

Pros - One touch process, easy to use, hassle free, very quick get cab once you come out

Cons - flexibility, complex implementation.

2. Notification when person lands at airport

  • A/B test various notification messages and decide on best perfoming one based on conversion rate.

Pros - Easy to implement

Cons - Possibility Limited improvement in the airport pickup rate









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Distance of the Uber halt place from the arrival gates compared to other modes of transport should also be taken into account.

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