How would you design a subscription model for Facebook Groups to increase revenue and engagement?
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  • Revenue from the creation and management of subscription groups.
  • Revenue from event ticket sales on the platform.
  • Suggestions to groups of new people who will be interested in joining the service.
Persona (From Group perspective)
  • Professional groups with closed group events and content.
  • Hobby groups
  • NGO's or special interest groups
Group Needs
  • Easy setup of the group with office bearers and roles.
  • Set up and manage subscription payment service.
  • Verification of users requesting a subscription.
  • Freemium to subscription path with controls based on time-based on a content-based option for moving to a subscription plan.
  • Ability to live broadcast events only for subscribers of the group.
  • Suggestions of potential subscribers to the group based on user persona and interests.
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Subscription Model for Facebook Groups to increase engagement and revenue


Find the total # of groups on FB

Find the total # of messages /engagement daily in those groups

Groups that haven’t been posted in, ignore


Group each group into common topic areas ( politics, animals, locality, gender, hobbies, etc)


Find commonalities around each topic area. For example, contents in animal groups, local groups with an integration into Marketplace

Segment the list into 2

Select trial of group which are most active by X of active participants daily, which would be targeted with revenue

Select trial of group B which are most likely to grow by engagement

Create new content around each topic area.

Target active group members with notifications around new content available to them to consume.

Have dedicated content promoters in the groups to manage the groups communications.

To build in Revenue, find advertisers that sell a specific service or product that cater to each topic area. Offer the users of each group a free product or service trial if they signed up for premium content in each group

Make those groups ad free.


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