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C: Clarify the question

I believe that Facebook page is a public profile specifically created for businesses, brands, celebrities, causes and other organizations. Facebook pages do not gain friends but fans -- which are people who choose to "like" a page. It has statuses, links, events, photos, and videos

I: Identify the customers

Facebook pages are mostly used for non-individuals described above. It is a way for a business to get their brand or subject at hand known with the ultimate goal of instigating further engagement with their subject. Possibly a purchase, endorsement, or a visit to their website.

Facebook's business goal is to garner engagement among users. The customer in this case would be someone who wanted to use facebook pages to promote something. To them, user acquisition, activation, retention, engagement would be the three most important goals for their facebook page. Perhaps in some cases, monetization by direct purchase of subject-related services/things would be included as well.

C: Customer Needs

The main customer I want to clarify here are the individuals who are setting up the Facebook pages. Their needs will be

1. Bringing consumers to the page (Acquisition)

2. Keep consumers on the page and interest them in the content (Engagement)

3. Transition the consumers to fans to keep them updated about page activity (Activation)

4. Keep the number of fans (Retention)

User Business Successes could be seen as

1. Count of users who visit the page every day

1a. Entry-point of users who landed on the page

2. The average number of minutes a user stayed on the page per day

2a. % of users who stayed on the page >3 minutes after visiting per day

3. % of users who engaged with the page (posts, comment, chat, like etc) out of the ones that visited that day

4. Number of fans per day

L: List Solutions

Users Need to bring consumers to the page

1. Search optimization on search engines

2. Product Advertisements on timeline based on targeted demographic

3. Shareable content that connects back to the page

Users need to keep consumers on the page and interest them in the content

1. Recent news about the business with visuals

2. Support of any media, Audio, Video, Pictures, Animations, Powerpoints, Muzli Slides, UI experiences, 3D renderings to vividly showcase content

3. Suggested autoplay after video media to have continued engagement

4. Live-agent, comment, reactions, up-votes, corner

5. Forums, discussions, Q and A boards to garner engagement among the fans

6. Direct purchasing flow for immediate transaction

Number of Fans a day

1. Clear "Like" button easily accessible on any entry-point or content page

2. Notification and "subscribe" ability to keep the user informed about the page and its updates

3. Ability to control the types of content the user wants to be notified about to avoid spamming

4. Unlockability to boards/review/forums with a like (Fans = more content motivators)

E: Evaluate Tradeoffs + Prioritize

Among the 4 success metrics, I am choosing to prioritize the features under "Users need to bring consumers on the page" and "Number of fans a day" because I believe this encompasses the over-arching workflow of the goals of a Facebook page. Features under "Users need to keep consumers on the page and involved in their content" can also be added to see its impact in the metric "Number of fans a day" secondarily. These are numbered in priority order

A: Users need to bring consumers to the page

1. Search optimization on all search engines (the page should show up within the top 3 of the subject related searches)

2. Subject advertisements should arrive on the Facebook Page, or have a clear entry point to the Facebook Page

3. Page content that is targeted to the public should show up on newsfeeds of users based on the timeline algorithm should be shareable, "Likeable" and arrive on the Facebook Page itself.

B. Number of Fans

4. Clean and organized layout with core information and interactions clearly presented to the user on the first page

5. Increase discoverability of the Like button of the page,

6. Notify the users to keep informed about the page and its updates.

7. Provide a direct purchasing experience for one-shot monetization

8. Allow unlockable content to motivate users to become fans.

9. Support any media to be uploaded as a visual representation. Support auto-play

10. Have a live-feed section

11. Have recent news collections about the subject

12. Live agent, bot, or support means of contact.

13. Forums, Q&A, boards to create a sense of community
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