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SuperMarket consisting of Groceries and other items

For people of age more than 60 years old
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What's the problem statement? We need to design a supermarket for seniors (60+ year olds)

Who are the users? Primary user segment is 60+ year olds; We should also consider the people who accompany them as the secondary users. For this discussion, I will focus on the primary users;

What are the user needs? 1) Groceries (e.g. Milk, Eggs, Bread, Greens, Fruits etc.) . 2) Household items such as Detergent, Paper towels, toilet tissues etc. 3) Pharmacy 4) Medical supplies e.g. Walking stick, wheel chair etc.

What's the solution? We primary focus on three areas 1) Convenience 2) Selection and Availability

Here are the features in each area that I would focus on building.

1a. 80% of the parking spaces should be reserved for elderly/people who need assistance. Make sure we have enough spaces to keep up with the peak hour rush.

1b. Enough availability of motorized shopping carts

1c. Ramps designed for accessibility

1d. Staff available to readily help the customers when in need

1e. Store layout considering accessiblity in mind; The height of the shelves should designed in such a way most of the folks can reach to them with limited assistance

1f. Orders by Phone or App and delivering items at the customer's door step.

2a. Selection of items is key; Focus on those items that are specific to senior needs e.g. adult diapers, medical supplies, medicines etc.

2b. Pharmacy is a must

2c. Fast food attached to super market is needed so customers have the option to buy ready made food for lunch/dinner






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