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Clarify question

- For a specific age range?

- For private or commercial use (restaurant, public restrooms etc)

- Let's say its for all age range and household use




I am going to assume Canada population is ~30M and there are ~75% people > 20 & 15% between 3-20 (0-3 will probably use diapers)

Being an adult , I am going to guesstimate the consumption: It takes 1 roll in 6 days and for 

kids it would take 1 roll in 10 days 

Total 75/100*30M = 22.5M 

Total kids 15/100*30M = 4.5M

For total adult the consumption is 

1 adult use 1/6 roll in a day 

22.5M use 22.5/6M = 3.75M rolls in a day 

For total kids the consumption is  

1 kid use 1/10 roll in a day 

4.5M use 4.5M/10 = .45M rolls in a day 

Total consumption in a day = 4.2M

A 12 roll pack costs $12 CAD

1 roll would cost $1 CAD

4.2M would cost 4.2M rolls ( This is per day cost )

Yearly = 4.2M*365 = 1.5B 

Market size of toilet paper in Canada is 1.5B 

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Nice estimate. You're actually pretty close to the correct number. The exact number is $1.2 B :)

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