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Linked user profile page allows a user to provide a summary /background of their work and/or education experience. It allows other users like job posters to glance through the interested candidates profile and check if they seem fit for the opened position. 

The linkedIn profile page is also used for sharing to companies during 

Clarifying question

What does improve means? Improve UI; Improve the data shows on the profile page?

What is the purpose/goal of the improvement? Improve the user experience by allowing user to be easily discoverable 

Any particular device / region? Desktop ( I am familiar with desktop only). Let's say US 

Identify Persona 

There are 2 broad categories 

Job posters / people who are interested in making connection

Job seekers: active , casual & dormant. 

Job seekers update their profile or go to their profile when they are actively looking. User profile is mainly useful to the recruiters as they are able to find valuable information about the candidate at one place. 

Considering Job posters/ recruiters as the persona; lets list down the use-cases

Report user needs: Use-cases

1. As a recruiter I would like to know if a user is actively looking; I would like to reach out to the person who is serious in the job hunting process and ready to make a switch

2. As a recruiter I would like linkedin to provide ability to match the skills set of the user against the job criteria 

3. As a recruiter I would like to get the summary of the user including the number of work experience and the history of the companies without me scrolling through the user's profile. There are some job profiles which need minimum x years of experience.

4. As a recruiter I would like to know if the user is working or has worked for a competitor in the past.

I can't think of more use-cases; feedback is most welcome. Let's jump in to the the next section

List solutions

SolutionImpact to userDev effort
Provide total work experience year and the list of previous companies in the Summary pageHigh (user doesn't have to scroll to check if the candidate has the min work ex)low (the data is already added by the user)
Allow recruiters to see a button 'match'. when a recruiter hits the button it will automatically scan the list of the companies the candidate has worked in and will flag if there is any competitor company. The list of competitor could be saved as a template and each time the button is hit; it would ask which template to compare against.Medium (can do it manually)High ( a brand new functionality)
The same solution could also work for skill setHigh (sometimes candidates put a lot of random skill sets)High
Allow candidates to select 'actively looking' or 'casually looking' which would be visible to recruiters onlyMedium (as generally interested candidates actively reach out to the recruiters) Low

Based on above 1 would prioritize use case 3,2,4,1 (once solution for 2 is implemented, 4 could be easily achieved)  

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