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Assuming it's a personal profile page and not a business one.

On taking a quick scan, there are several components that are part of the profile page:

  • Profile & Cover Picture
  • Ability to see whether the person is a friend or not and to send the message
  • Editor to write on the person's wall
  • Intro, Photos, and Friends bricks
  • Timeline

Now coming back to the improvement of the page, what is the end goal we're trying to achieve? There could be many:

  • Increase revenue by increasing the number of connections made for each profile view by x%. More friends in the network will lead to more time spent on FB and thus more ads revenue
  • Increase direct engagement by increasing the number of messages sent both through messenger and on the user's wall

I'm inclined towards picking up the first.

Next, I want to have a user in mind for which we need to improve the page. A few of the personas that visit the profile pages are:

  • A user that visits the profile page of a friend already in the network to connect or check info
  • A user that searches for an old friend or acquaintance with which she might have a few mutual friends
  • A user that wants to add a newly met acquaintance to the network

The first persona is not relevant to our goal and of the 2nd and 3rd persona, 2nd is the one I'm more inclined to focus on.

In both friends and photos sections, we've 9 tiles each in the 3*3 matrix. Thus, we can show only a limited number of mutual friends and photos. 

Right now, photos chosen are based on reverse chronological order and 9 mutual friends are randomly picked from the big list.

My hypothesis is that if in the friends' section we show friends that I recently had any kind of positive interaction through comments/messages/likes, the user will be more inclined to add the user to the network. And similarly, in the photos section giving priority to photos with your mutual friends, if there are any, will yield the similar result. As it increases the likeability towards the person whose profile I'm checking out.

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