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15% drop in FB groups. FB Groups is a feature where people discuss, share or connect over different topics. Does this 15% drop in engagement? or a 15% drop in new users or a 15% drop in groups created.

Assume its engagement drop here i.e. sessions per day have dropped in FB groups - which means people engage lesser with the groups day to day than before.

I have a couple of clarification questions here:

- is the drop recent or has happened over - lets say it has happened over 1 month now

- did the drop happen on android, ios, web? if web then a particular browser?

- any particular geography

- changes in external ecosystem- competitors, data plans from n/w providers, etc.

- did we release a new feature that led to the drawing of users from FB groups

- was there a technical glitch

- seen a drop in related feature such as pages, feed, etc.

If the answer to all above is no then the drop is mostly due to behavioural than technical reasons. 

- Metrics- session per day, actions per session, % engaged users, median new posts per day in a group, median responses per post  

Lets say median new posts per day in a group have dropped that have led reduced engagement. I would then go about understanding the drop in this particular metric and see what are the possible reasons:
- seasonality
- drop in particular kind of groups e.g. schools related or education related communities because exams are there
- Notification bug - other people are notified when a post is created and thus response rate is low
- check churn rate and if that has increased talk to churned users to see reasons of churn
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First, you would clarify if this question is primarily about root-cause analysis, i.e. identifying the reason for the 15% drop.

Assumption: Facebook Groups are defined as a group of Facebook members that share a common interest, organization, family, etc.

Questions to ask to root-cause the problem:

Basic questions
a. Is the 15% drop YoY or over the projected growth?  
b. Is the 15% drop for a specific geographic region? Or across the world?
c. Is the 15% drop for a specific demographic group?
d. Did we see a drop in DAU, MAU in the same period?

Did the 4Ps change?
P1 - Did we change the product is anyway that would cause the drop? Is the product still relevant? Did we change any adv. algorithm?
P2 - Did we change any advertising / marketing campaigns that would cause the drop? (Negative emotions)
P3 - Did we change the placements of ads?
P4 - Did internet providers or mobile providers change pricing? Or costs increase for users?

Others potential issues -
Were there any outages with data centers? Or servers?
Did the users start using a competitors / substitute product ?

Other Parameters:
If the drop is regional
- were there any weather events or acts-of-god during the drop period?
- were there any political events?
- were there religious / cultural / seasonal events?

Once you have identified the root cause you could take specific actions to fix it -
For example, you might realize that the advertising algorithm changed and displaying too many ads within groups. We could fix that.
For example, you might realize that heavy usage of videos/ads could have caused overage charges thereby increasing monthly cost. We could introduce a "low bandwidth mode" for mobile users.
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Symptom: 15% drop in usage of Facebook groups.

Facebook Group Definition: 

  • Online Community
  • Built around a Topic
  • Meant to improve user engagement 
  • Meant to improve Facebook utility
  • User can post
  • User can read
  • User can connect
  • User can discuss
  • User can buy/sell
Facebook groups are formed on following three topics:
  • Topic Discussion
    • Climate Change
    • Political Views
    • Professional Views
  • Market places
    • Buy & Sell Groups
    • Apartment Rent
  • Connections
    • Dating
    • Alumni
    • Friends & Family
For the sake of simplicity I will pick "Topic Discussion" as target and "number of posts" as usage metric .
Rephrassing the original symptom:  "Posts per Group per User" down by 15% for Topic Discussion Groups.
User Description:
  • Active User
  • Motivated
  • Spread across Demographies/Geography 
User Motivation behind post:
  • Share Knowledge
    • Feel Intelligent
    • Feel Satisfied
  • Share Viewpoint
    • Feel connected with peers
    • Feel connected to cause
    • Feel part of group
  • Ask Help
    • Looking for information
  • Market Product
    • Sell Something
    • Market their product or services
For this question let's concentrate on "Sharing Viewpoint" as most common motivation behind users posting content on Facebook Groups.
User Journey: 
  1. User likes a topic.
  2. User searches for a group.
  3. User joins the group.
  4. User reads/like/comments on posts.
  5. User makes his first post.
  6. Other users read/like/comment on his post.
  7. User engages with other like minded users.
User Pain Points(Probable):
  • Users don't feel a need to post anything.
    • Concept of community doesn't exist anymore
  • Users don't view groups as viable options for posting anything.
    • They find other channels more viable
    • Advertisers crowd the group
  • User find difficult to post something in groups.
    • Stricter policy
    • UI not supportive
    • Privacy issues
  • Users don't get what they seek by posting in groups.
    • Other users don't engage (Most Likely)
    • Community is getting weaker
Considering personal experience I would select last pain point as a reason for reduction in posts.
Problem Description: Users are not sharing their view points in Facebook groups because other users don't engage with them anymore.
Redefined Problem: Improve user engagement in Facebook groups so that users are motivated to post their view points in groups.
  • Tweak Feed algorithm to prioritize group posts
  • Autopost most engaging posts across similar groups
  • Personalised recommendation of groups to users
  • Group Chat feed
 Tweak Feed algorithmAutopost across GroupsPersonalised RecommendationGroup Chat Feed
Value to UserMLMH
Value to PlatformMLLH
Resource InvestmentLLLM
Time InvestmentLLLM

Considering drop of 15% in usage metric, I would recomment implementing Group Chat functionality for groups. User can participate in live chat in groups. This will lead to high engagement and improved motivation for users to post content leading to improved usage metrics.



  • Business
    • Post/Group/User
  • Product
    • Chat Sessions
    • User/chat sessions
    • NPS
  • Anciliary
    • Platform Metrics
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