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Clarifying ques:
1. Is this camera in a device like a cellphone or standalone? STANDALONE
2. Simple point and shoot or DSLR? YOU DECIDE
3. Can I assume that I am the PM for the Camera? YES
4. Is it ok to assume that by elderly we mean 60+ age? YES

Goal: I will assume that primary source of revenue in our business model would be camera sales. Having said that, I believe at this initial stage, we should focus on getting +ve reaction from users. OK

Structure: Persona -> Pain points -> Solution -> Evaluate

Persona: 4 major personas
a) People who have never used a camera before
b) People who used occasionally and are excited by camera
c) People who used to be power users but not professionals
d) Professionals

I will focus on b) because they are aware of the basic product. For a) it will be a steep learning curve and a long time to monetization. For c) and d) , professional camera are better suited because they are well versed with each option. If you would like, I can go with any other persona too. NO b) IS FINE.

Behavior of Persona b): 60+ age, mostly at home with free time, good time to pick up old hobbies but reduced energy and enthusiasm because of less movement/meeting with people/travel compared to younger age when they used camera more frequently. Few pain points:
a) Too many buttons, complex operations and small text
b) Delicate and heavy
c) Can’t see properly the photo
d) Photos they click are not even as good as the photo their grandchildren click
e) Tedious process of moving photo from camera to pc
f) Sorting and maintaining photos is a pain

I think the main reason elderly has stopped using camera is because everyone seems to be clicking much better pictures than them. While pain points a), b), c) are important, I do not think they are deal breaker whereas pain points d), e), f) de-motivate them from clicking pictures. So, I will find solutions and implement all of them in MVP rather than just one of these painpoints. If you want i can focus on one of these too. NO LET’S DO ALL 3

Solution to d):
1. Short printed tutorials on how to click great pictures given free with camera purchase and regularly emailed as well
2. Online coaching class
3. Post processing software filters and how to use them (this is what grandkids use, now they get same power)
4. Forums for asking questions where experts and fellow elderly photographers can share answers
5. We use Machine Learning to process their photo and show them all option. They can pick one or many. Based on their behavior, we can process their photo and no need to show all options. Voila! in a short time, all pictures are amazing now (need permission to activate)

Solution to e):
1. No need to remove SD card. As soon as USB is connected, all photos are transferred form camera to a specific folder in PC
2. Bluetooth transfer to eliminate any wire connection which is usually lost by people
3. Automatic transfer of photo via 4G connection on their phone to a company provided free cloud storage or google photos

Solution to f):
1. Automatic elimination of blurry, duplicate, out of focus photos using Machine Learning
2. Understand which photos which type of photos they view most often and keep similar photos and delete rest if they haven’t reviewed those categories of photo for a long time. This can be dangerous (need permission)
3. One free album per year of auto selected photos by us. More albums available by charge.

I will evaluate them using customer impact, ease of implementation, competitive diff (skipping this, fairly easy). After evaluation, I will implement following on current favorite camera of elderly. However, if we have time, I can also discuss how to simplify camera by elaborating pain points a),b),c)
1. 3 in d) and after traction use 5 in d)
2. 3 in e)
3. 2 in f)

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Could someone please share the reason for downvote?
My personal take is that this should be a camera app. Digital Camera sales are at historic lows.

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