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I found this one quite difficult because end users are ultimately consuming posts of a page in the news feed. Hope someone has good ideas can share their answers here, thanks!

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Clarify, what is FB pages, from what I observe it's usually used by public figures, media companies, and businesses, it seems like anyone can create a page. From my memory, a creator of a page can create content and build a following on their pages, they can even post jobs, provide offers, and add links to shop on their website from their FB pages. 

Goal: FB's goal is to create engagement and bring people closer together, most people have pages but can probably engage with their fans more on their pages. 

Use cases:

  1. Businesses want to engage with their customers and upsell their products 
  2. Media company uses pages to distribute their content and engage with their users
  3. Public figures engage with their followers in a more intimate way 

I want to focus on public figures bc FB's goal is to bring people together and public figures have significant power to engage with their fans and have more dialogue between them. 

  1. Live Q&A feature that builds on top of existing Live feature but provides the ability for fans to submit questions and vote on questions they care most about (implement this due to high engagement, impact, and low effort, Live already exist, just need to build a Q&A tool) 
  2. Add stories feature for public figures so fans can see their daily updates 
  3. Add ability to create fan-only group for exclusive content/access
I want to track MAU who uses this new live Q&A feature. I also want to see an increase in MAU of pages. Increase in # of fans for pages - comparing with pages who use this feature vs not using this feature. 
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