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Provide a framework to solve this question.
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My favorite product is - Browser Stack

Target users: Developers and Automation Testing professionals

Pain Points:

- Developers has to develop and test mobile app and website in different browsers and operating systems before releasing it to QA. They have to test lot many times as well.

- Testing in different browsers and operating systems takes lot of time.

- Developers and Automation Testers test only in browsers and operating systems of higher priority. It leads to releasing a product un-tested to customer. There is high possibility of issues propping up in un-tested browsers

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1) Simple as hell

2) Provides relevant information

3) Doesn't cost me a dime

4) Solves almost all my problems or at least provides a path

5) helps me in my day to day tasks

6) single point to start all my work

7) knowledge base

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