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metrics and evaluations
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Since the business model is about:1) getting more restaurant's to use opentable restaurant tool,

2) increasing client's revenue on using the services

3) making the end users use the product in a better / more reliable way.

1) So, about getting more clients: the tool needs to prove that the existing clients have increased profit,

in longer term most of the bookings will be made online: So, the earlier you start using the software, the better you'll be positioned in the race.

telling the clients how it can reduce the volatility of their user base/ dynamic nature of the user base.

2) increasing client's revenue on using the services: a) Implement data analysis techniques such as AI, other analysis to suggest what the users liked/ disliked about their restaurant.

b) show ads to users who're in the viscinity of a particlular restaurant to visit the place and serve their taste buds.

c) make the booking process even easier and show the real-time picture of how many users are already having a dinner at the restaurant.

d) pre-booking features, tie-ups with vendors of different domains. Such as, hotels/ tourist place owners/ embedded options for listing the best hotels as per end-users likings whenever they book a visit to that place.

Tie-ups with third party vendors such as uber etc. to show nearby hotels when users make booking to any area. Special offers can also be provided on booking a return trip to that hotel on opentable restaurant website/ uber app.

e) Find alternate sources for the revenues/ reduce cost-efforts by automation/ take a fee only if a minimum sale is made.

f) showcasing to the clients how many users seen the list of the hotel thus increasing overall market presence. telling the end users what type of customers should visit what kind of restaurants thus overall increasing the end users liking towards the restaurants.
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