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Depends on what the quarterly goals we've set. If we have enough bandwidth after allocating Engineering resources to the products/features we've set out to release that quarter, then we can set the remaining resources to work on tech debt. Also, assessing impact of these libraries on future releases planned for Android app will tell us if we should work on it immediately or in the subsequent quarter.

What do you guys think?
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  1. What is your goal? 
  2. How do you prioritize your backlog?
    1. I would use criteria like impact on goal, urgency, impact on user, engineering effort, and compare feature vs this tech debt and go through a score card exercise. 
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Both efforts can be measured against a fixed criteria like impact on user, cost in terms of the engineering effort, confidence on our ability to release the feature in time. However, if the overriding short term goal is  to increase engagement, I would want to find precedents of how fixing technical debt that have no visible impact have affected engagement v.s. the potential impact of this newly released feature would have on engagement and I would overweight engagement in my comparison.
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