How would you improve a coffee machine used in offices
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I would like to spend sometime in understanding the problem, then explore the users and their use cases. I will follow up with their pain points and how to improve by recommending some features.

What kind of machines are we talking here? I am thinking about the self serve machines where you can customize and select how much coffee shots to use for making coffee

What do mean by improve coffee machines here ? It can be couple of things like improving the user experience/interaction of making coffee using this machine or improving the type of coffee this machine makes. Do you have anything specific in mind? If not I will like to go ahead with user experience/interaction.

Goal: Improve User experience/Interaction

Users: Active users - Coffee lovers in Office, Passive users - who don't drink coffee but like coffee flavour

Use case/ User journey:

  • Employee want to go and have coffee just after lunch/evening or in between work - long waiting time/not sure how many people are waiting in for coffee
  • Generally coffee machine allow 1 coffee at a time. This also adds to the wait time for making coffee
  • limited set of options, does not cater to non coffee drinks 
  • accessibility issue - how will people on wheelchair or vision problem can access coffee 
Now I would like to look into the above use case one by one:
  • Waiting time - have a app integrated with the coffee machine. The app will have following features:
    • Employees will create their profile in the app. The app can be used to raise a request for ordering a coffee
    • User can specify their choice of coffee or preference and when they usually have it
    • App to use coffee, app will notify user which coffee machine is available and what is the wait time, along with time it will take to go and collect the coffee from the users current location
  • Variation of coffee choices - 
    • This will require changes to coffee machine. The machine will have choice on American/Italian and other famous category of coffee recipe.
    • Multiple coffee bean selection and the machine can also support multiple coffee orders at the same time
  • Accessibility - 
    • Voice support will be provided in the app to support coffee order
    • Special service will be provided for collecting the coffee once the order is placed.

Based on the above, my recommendation is to go with solving the waiting time feature. That is completely in our control along with support for accessibility.

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Having the machine save a template for a specific user would also help. Coffee choices is very dependent on a person and can sending a request through the app put in your name in the queue and start generating coffee?

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