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Here is a 2 step process to answer such questions -

1. Clarification - what does bad mean? Is it bad user experience, bad product design, bad / useless / unnecessary features.

2. Identifying problem - based on the above clarification, you have to suggest who is the predominant user type and why do you think it is bad. For example, in uber India - the safety feature is poorly designed because it doesn't clearly suggest the specific call to action, which could be contacting the police or general safety report during your drive.

Mostly, this question is asked to judge your analytical and product vision skills. And the follow up question would be - how would you improve it.
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Would like to talk Uber Express Pool as a badly designed product or a feature:

I would be evaluating it on common design principles:

1. Product solves the problem it is intended to solve

2. The product is understandable and easy to navigate

3. Product delights the user

4. Product sends feedback to the user when something goes wrong

The express pool gives riders option to share their ride at an affordable price by walking a few minutes to a common point.

Uber express pool feature failing on number 2 and 3. I happened to use a couple of times and every time I ended up canceling the ride. Let me explain why after confirmed booking it asks you walking down to common pickup point but there is no live navigation available only few statically presented dotted lines make your way to a location. It shows you like "walk 250 meters south-east" and the name of pickup point. I always have a hard time finding north, south, east, west location :) and . I am sure many would have faced the same doing it. Hence this feature is not understandable and tough to navigate.

Ever since I have canceled my last booking and entered 20 mins late in a crucial meeting  I would talk negatives of this feature to at least 10 people and hence customer centricity dies totally in here. Feature completely breaks the flow and its very likely to annoy the user. Along with it if one rider gets late in finding point would be annoying for other riders 

Suggested solution:

1. They would have come up with real-time navigation facility helping the users reaching pickup point hassle free.

2. May add live location sharing option through text messages. 

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