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Business Goal

I'm assuming that the current process of finding gardening solutions is very ad-hoc and there is no app which can address homeowner specific needs. The goal is to create an engaging app to help homeowners find the best solution for their gardening needs.

Also, are we planning to earn revenue through the app download or are we planning to use advertisements to earn the money  - assuming it is advertisement based revenue

​​​​​​User Personas

  1. Rich homeowners with big houses for whom gardens are a prerequisite part of their lifestyle and status
  2. Garden enthusiasts who are passionate about the best services for their gardens etc.
  3. People with basic garden needs such as mowing etc.
  4. Households with very niche garden need such as whether to invest in a particular plant etc.
Assuming, that the goal is to earn more revenue, therefore I want to target the first user persona
User Needs
  1. Regular upkeep of their gardens etc.
  2. Landscaping/drawings
  3. Pest control/ tree cutting etc. specific services
  4. More guidance about what stuff to plant
  5. Sale - miniature plants, seeds
I feel that user need 4, will have more significance as the community grows bigger mainly because that'll help people to exchange ideas as well as app owner to offer premium services.
  1. Location-based service offerings
  2. Community build - ask an expert to get answers to the questions that you might have. As a further enhancement, getting horticulture experts etc. on-board
  3. sale of plants/gift materials/regular materials such as flowers, vegetables related to plants etc.
Launch and metrics
The app can gain traction by launching it via the realtors and advertising it at the open houses. Because we are targeting higher segment of society, therefore I feel it makes sense to identify people there. 
Initially, the number of sign-ups can be used as a metric for tracking the awareness of the app. Also, by seeing the recurring customers using a different variety of services will be an indicator of retention. The metrics such as click-through rate can be used to track the level of engagement. Finally for monetization, the use of horticulture services etc. can be tracked. Additionally, the sale of gardening equipment for plants and gift materials can also be a good metric.
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 Lets start with comprehending the question better...Designing a gardening app that would help users to get their gardening needs addressed. 

The target set of users could be 1) house owners having large gardens, 2) house owners with gardens with special needs (orchards, kitchen gardens, grass lawns,..) 3) Gardeners (service providers) who would like to register and offer services to house owner 

There are multiple personas who could be using this app...I would like to focus first on house owner categories 1 & 2 to start with . Later we will include use cases for 3

Use cases

1. House owners able to view various gardening services (new house owner garden setup, order new plants, monthly service, topping soil..etc)

2. Able to register to book services (either on-demand or schedule them)

3. Payment options (PayPal, credit card)

4. Give feedback /suggestion on service quality,satisfaction,

5. Promotional offers/Coupons for referral

Detailing of use cases

1. house owners should be able to give a brief description of their garden requirement so appropriate experienced service provider would be assigned. New House owners should have be able to provide their requirements for garden plan (in terms of size, plants varieties, grass lawn req,..)

2. Calender to book a service : 1. On demand  (with next 1-2 hrs) 2. Schedule a gardening service 

This will allow us to give differential pricing & promotions (which is part of #6)

3.Payment gateway - card registration, default payment options.

4. Capture user feedback on services that they have received, suggestions

5. Promotion offers -> signing up for recurring(bi-monthly/monthly) service, referral programs, coupons to nearby nursery to buy plants..etc

Now let's evaluate the priority of each of these use cases based on following..

Freq of usageBusiness ImpactImplementation Cost

Based on prioritization and ROI of various use cases above, #1 ,#2 & #3 would be MVP for this app and we need to get these implemented. #4 & #5 would follow up in iterations

Finally we need to understand product metrics that would help us understand user activation, engagement, adoption, churn and net promoter rate(referral)

Metrics would be 1) number of user sign up 2) Freq of visit 3) Revenue generated 4)Referral coupons used 5) Repetitive of service

Based on metrics measured and tracking it for few iterations, we can open up the app for gardeners persona to make the app more wholesome and new channel


Here is a gardening app that would carter to target user mainly house owners and then open up channel for gardeners 

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