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Twitter diversifying into ecommerce since it turned profitable due to revenue from ads. It could be loosely based on FB Marketplaces or Instagram enabling SMB.
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I would ask a few clarifying questions:

Twitter eCommerce means a twitter store like facebook store there people would sell their products through a twitter account. The owner could make and edit their listing with high definition pictures and product description.

The goal of a twitter eCommerce: To expand its customer base by allowing the businesses to list their catalog and users to buy and use their data to give more personalized services and experience. In long run, they could also ask a cut from businesses on per transaction basis.

Is this design for web or app?

Since 80 percent twitter users are from Mobile. I would go for an app.


I would like to discuss about users and their personas then I would go through their interaction with the product i.e use cases. After that, I would prioritize use cases by offering alternative solutions and finally, I would evaluate these solutions tradeoff in terms of impact vs effort.


  • Small and medium scale businesses
  • Twitter user between the age of 18-29 according to Twitter statistics 40 percent of users fall in this age group.
Based on the business goal to increase its user base I would prefer designing platform for twitter users. Businesses are also important but it won't impact much in an expansion of its customer base.
Use Cases
  1. As a user, I would like to get a search option to put an item name
  2. As a user, I should be able to navigate to product detailed page
  3. As a user, I should be able to add a product in the cart
  4. As a user, I should be able to put my address and confirm my order.
  5. As a user, I should get an order confirmation.
Number 2,3,4 are important because I would be more interested in looking product details and order confirmation.
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