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1. Describe the product:

Before jumping into the analysis, I want to clarify my understanding of the product. As per my understanding, fb messenger is a messaging or chatting app and helps users connect more directly with their contacts (even contacts who are not fb users) or SMBs.

- Users can create groups with their contacts, text, video call.

- Users can create a poll, share location, add reminders

- Users can play games, use fb camera to share instant snaps/videos

- Can securely transfer money and split bills between friends

- Can get in touch with businesses to do reservation, place orders etc.

- Is integrated with Uber and lyft so users can hail a ride

Some user groups that use messenger are:

- businesses,  school/college kids, working professionals

Here we will assume it is for regular people (not businesses)

<verify with interviewer if he/she is onboard with this description and user group>

2. Scope of question

Now to clarify the scope of question a little more, are we talking about improvement in terms of :

- number of new users, increased engagement(in terms of time spent, features used etc.) , retention%, number of active users

- also what type of platform we are concerned with : mobile app vs. website

<we will assume its the mobile app and we are looking to improve engagement>

3.  Pain Areas and metrics to measure

With an aim to improve the engagement of the messenger app, we want to understand how each of these features are being used by the users. Hence, some metrics that I would like to track are:

a. Call experience :  Voice calls and group video chats are one of the widely used features of messengers. Can we track and improve quality of video calling?

metrics: % voice calls that ended abruptly (without the user having to hang up). similarly for video calls.
For users who have experienced abrupt call drops, verify the % distribution between android and ios to analyze if this is limited to one os.
Also verify the version of the app used for the users

Tracking method - A/B testing to see whether bug fixes actually improved call quality between control and test groups. Also see if that increase Avg. # of video calls initiated or received by user over 30 days. Also do a pre-post change analysis of this metric. We can also capture direct customer feedback in terms of call rating to evaluate the improvement

 b. Text quality: Are users spending more time typing responses? Can it be improved by using predictive responses?

metrics: Avg. # of times user responds in a conversation. Again we

c. B2C: One unique feature of messenger is that it lets users connect directly with businesses easily. Can the service around business to customer (B2C) be improved? User generally use this to make reservations, place orders etc. We can implement enhancements like integrating this with ubereats or seamless or any food ordering apps for restaurants.

Metrics: %of users using this feature, Avg. # of chats initiated with businesses per user, Avg. # of orders placed. Again implement A/B test and measure change in these metrics over 1 month between control and test groups
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Hi debt23,
I read your answer and think you started strong with describing the product, defining the scope of the question, and then selecting a metric. I think there are a couple areas of improvement:
- an area of improvement is to list user groups and their pain points before getting into solutions. After you've listed the user groups, pick one that you'd like to focus on and explain your rationale behind your selection. Then start digging deeper into the pain points of that particular user group and prioritize the pain points based on some criteria you come up with. Read the article"how to answer a product improvement" on this website to get some ideas on how to narrow down pain points.
- After you prioritize pain points, start brainstorming ideas on how to address the important pain points and finally evaluate the solutions based on some criteria such as impact on the customer experience, the frequency of usage, the impact on the business, implementation costs, and time to develop each solution.
- In the end, it always helps to summarize your answer
I hope you find this useful.
Hi AloPM,

Thanks for the feedback. Is it good to give pain areas for each user group as opposed to just for the chosen user group?
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Any suggestions on how to improve revenue generation from Facebook Messenger?

<Facebook already sends targeted ads using messenger. Trying to brainstorm what other ways can help in increasing the revenue>


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