Design a cell phone for a two year old
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What is the objective of designing a cellphone for a 2 year old?

1. Keep child entertained

2. Keep it on the child as a beacon in case of losing child

3. Monitor child

I would like to focus on the 3rd objective.

How would you define a cellphone? Flip phone? Smart phone? Wearable?

I would like to focus on wearables as it would be difficult to consistently keep flip phone/smart phone close by the child at all times. A wearable can be placed on the child consistently.

Things to consider when considering the who the product is being used on:

1. Must not have detachable parts that are choking hazards

2. Must not have sharp edges to cause injury

3. Must be lightweight

4. Ideally should be durable and water proof

5. Cannot be easily taken off by the child

Who's going to be purchasing/using this "cellphone"?

1. Parents who are working from home during the day

2. Parents with special needs children

3. Nurseries who are responsible for multiple children

I would like to focus on the last as it seems the most beneficial to have extra monitoring when you are being spread thin.

Solutions for monitoring:

1. Heartrate monitor - measures the heartrate of the child to make sure there are no extremes. Impact: High, Complexity: Low

2. Sleep monitor - tracks sleep for the baby, could also alert of the sleep pattern is off or no movement after long periods. Impact: Medium, Complexity: Low

3. Distress monitor - tracks the baby on distress like when they cry or yell. Impact: Low, Complexity: High

4. Thermometer - measures the temperature of the child. Impact: Medium, Complexity: Low

I would implement 1, 2, and 4. All of these are low complexity and provide good value. Nurseries could use these to track the children and possibly catch onto issues quicker and report back to parents to make sure they keep an eye on it if a child looks like they are not acting normal, getting sick, etc...


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