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Google is working on a tech that allows people to travel from SF to Seattle in 15 mins with a cost of $1000 / per person one way. What would you do with this tech?

1. First I'd like to clarify my undertanding of the opportunity and problem we are trying to solve. Can we clarify the following:

  • Can you describe the technology? Is it through air/water/route ? How many people can travel together? Can we use it for longer distances? Any phyiscal sides effects for the traveler? Is there a special departure/arrival stations/airport or it can deserve any destination? patent? ahead of competion? Profit per customer?
  • Let's assume I gathered these info from interviwer and answers are - flying engine, 100 people max, can be used wide range of miles, from/to airport, patented proprietary and unique technology. Profitable, no margin info yet.

2. Second, let's see who are the potential users and target a unique personna we can use as early adopter to drive product adoption.

  • General: High end traveler not sentive to price  or emergency travelers
  • Specific: Professional who needs to be physical present in far away distand location the same day. (executives, entrepreurs, sales...)
  • Humour: Somebody who forgot her cat in Seattle and needs to go back to take it quickly ;-)

3. Customer journey and needs for High end travelers:

As a high customer traveler, I want:

  • Comfort, and Luxury services but it is not 15min trip...
  • Convienence
  • Safety

4. Let's explore what extension of the use Google can explode:

a. Develop a network of this tech to help travellers travel to multi-destination in 1 day.

  • pros: Generate scalable Revenue with growth adoption
  • cons: required high upfront cost to build and manage departure/arrival stations. ROI over years to be profitable

b. Franchise the tech to 3rd party operators such as:

  • Airlines for private passengers Pros: disrupt airline industry with faster flight. Cons: higer Cost
  • Transporation companies: Pros: faster delivery Cons: cost
  • Governements for military uses. Pros: Speed Cons: exclusivity vs wide spread to other gvt
  • Medical field: to transport organes for uregnt transplant Pros: Save lives Cons: Align need with departure schedule
  • Space exploration: Pros: Fast Cons: other physical constraints to go in space
  • Environement: transport cars to reduce C02 emission

We have multiple use cases, all with their pros and cons. My favorite use case is the commercail transportation use case  for 3 reasons:

1. Moving (commercail) good/products is a huge and growing market worldwide.

2. The Techno is ahead of any other transportation mode in speed delivery.

3. With scale, we can reduce the price/mile to enable a larger adoption.


Conclusion: I'd recommend to invest in infrastructure to build a market place where users can bid for the space or volume in the transportation machine. The machine will leave the station to destination only if x%occupency which generate minimum acceptable profit. Start with Cali> US> Intl. Goggle can become the leader of commercial transportation WW.


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