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This is a tricky question. You can easily start thinking from a user perspective rather than a PM. Here's my attempt to this question. Would love to get a feedback.

Clarify question

Are we promoting a particular event through Facebook Groups? OR any event?

Today, user's can share event details on the group. Are we talking about somehow automating this?

What is the goal of using facebook group promoting an event? Monetization or engagement of the user?

Identify personas

- Facebook group have two types of users

Event organizer

Event members (people going to the event

Let's say, we want to give event organizers opportunities to promote their event via facebook groups and fb wants to monetize it.

Pain points

- As an event organizer, I do not know which groups would be the best to share my event

- As an event organizer, I might not be a part of all the groups that are relevant for my event

- As an event organizer, I do not know the reach of the audience in a group


1. Build a recommendation feature in an event page for facebook group; the recommendation will be based on the type of event and the groups created relevant to that event. Ex. event is for a music concert in SF so any group related to JLO, Jonas Brother etc in SF area would be recommended to promote that event. Also, show the number of active members in the group. Allow the event organizer to select the groups that they think are the best to promote their event. This will allow them to contact the admin of the group. The admin can then share the details of the event on the top -right widget (it will be pinned till the event is over). The widget can show the number of days left in the event, RSVP shortcut. If a user clicks on the widget, the user will be directed to the event page to get more details. Now, for monetization, admin and event organizer can struck a deal for how much admin is ready to promote the event via his/her fb group page. FB can take a % of that deal

Dev complexity: High (recommendation is already there but need to build it for specific events, need to build the payment model between event organizer and the group admin)

Impact to user: high as they are reaching their audience

2. The recommendation option will be the same but instead of contacting an admin ; allow event organizer to advertise their event and target facebook groups. The event would still show up on top right widget as an ad. The user can click through and go to the event to know more details. FB can monetize this, the way it is monetizing its ads today.

Dev complexity: Low (FB already has the base infrastructre for targeting available , they just need to add another criteria)

Impact to user: high

I can not think of any other solution.

Based on above, I would go with 2nd solution.


- Number of event organizer using the targeting feature

- Number of event ads shown on the group page vs viewability vs click vs conversion

- Number of event organizer using the feature again

- Churn rate
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