Exercise 30 – If Google has invented a way to make air travel 4x cheaper and 4x faster, what would you do with this technology?

Post and review answers and feedback to answers in the comments section of this post.

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Clarifying Questions:

1. Air Travel means passenger travel?
2. What technology is it? Better aircraft? Diff. kind of aircraft? Can it carry the hundreds of people as it does today? Can this technology be used to transport goods. Can this be used for space travel?

What this innovation really means?
1. You can go anywhere from earth to another point in earth in less than 6 hours.
2. Travel time between SF and NY will be around 1.5 hrs and $150.

1. Increase capacity of air travel
2. Use it to transport goods faster. Slow shipping by Sea can be replaced with Air shipping. More people can afford air shipping now
3. Develop cities in remote areas where housing is affordable and use air transport to connect with work hubs. In other words use it to de-congest large metros
4. Use it to provide healthcare to remote areas where doctors don’t like to live
5. Improve the lives of farmers by bringing fresh produce from farms to cities faster and cheaper
6. E-commerce can become even more successful with same day deliveries.
7. People won’t have to re-locate for jobs. They can live and work in different cities.

Assess the above options for their social and economical impact and decide. #2 and #3 will be most impactful.


I’d like to hear if anyone has any thoughts on this answer


I’d also ask questions like:

– Has the technology also improved other aspects related to air travel like takeoff time for aircrafts (I can imagine people spending more time waiting for the aircraft to take off from the runway than the actual air time)
– Has the technology also improved things like the time for security checks at airports?

A use case I’d like to add is emergency services in case of disasters and calamities.