Exercise 4

1- How would you improve the LinkedIn user profile page?

2- How many house contractors are there in the U.S.A.?

You can submit your answers in the comments section of this blog post to receive feedback. You can also see other people’s answers, the feedback they received, and give your own feedback in the same section.

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Rosalie Yu
Rosalie Yu

My answer to question 1.

The LinkedIn user profile solves various problems and adds different values to different groups of people.
It helps a viewer of a profile (e.g. recruiter) get a quick and high level understanding of the person’s career background. The ratings on skills help them see what the person is known to be good at. The past experiences help them see the career path they’ve taken. And additional information such as blog posts, likes, communities, etc help them get a better picture of the person in the professional world.

I’m going to pick one particular persona whose LinkedIn Profile can be improved significantly. Job seekers. These people have a few needs. I have listed two here.

– They would like to show their knowledge of various topics, opinions, and thinking process related to their field
– They need to showcase their previous work

Out of the two above, I’m going to focus on the first use case because I think that if a recruiter can view a person’s knowledge and experience in their field, they can get a better picture of the person’s abilities.

There are a few ways to help job seekers showcase their knowledge. One way would be to help them present their conversation / communication with the rest of the people in the LinkedIn groups and communities. The feature can include number of comments they’ve posted, list of comments, number of likes they’ve received, tags of topics they’ve participated in, and even badges they’ve potentially earned. These details will help the person viewing a LinkedIn profile get a better picture of the person’s interests, thinking process and opinions, and areas of expertise. It also helps drive engagement among the LinkedIn users.

I would also think about the metrics that LinkedIn can use to measure the effectiveness of the new feature. One of the metrics to consider could be the amount of time spent on a profile page. If the number increases among viewers of profiles with this feature enabled, it’s an indication that LinkedIn users are finding this additional information valuable valuable. In addition, we can look at number of clicks made on the metrics representing the marketer’s knowledge. Another metric to pay attention to is whether a LinkedIn user’s the level of engagement (let’s define as number of comments posted per month per marketer) increases among those who’ve enabled this feature. To ensure there is adoption, we should also look at number of people who have actually enabled this feature. If the number is low, it is an indication of lack of interest among the users.

Product Management Exercises

I like the answer and I think it’s solid.


Here is my answer to the the number of housing contractors.

For the sake of this exercise, I am going to estimate the total number of house renovation contractors in the US market.

To estimate the total number of house renovation contractors in the US, I estimate the total number of house flipping projects in the US per year and divide that number by the average number of projects per contractor per year.

Let’s assume the population of the US is 300 million. And the average number of people per house is 3. This means that there is a total of 100 million homes in the US. Now, let’s assume that a home usually lasts for about 100 years and during the 100 years of its life, it goes through 2 renovations. In other words, 2% if houses do renovation at any year. Now given we have 100 million homes, we can calculate the total number of renovation projects per year to be 2% of 100 million = 2 million.

Now, here is how I would calculate total number of renovations per contractor per year:

Based on my personal experience, each project usually takes about 2 months for a contractor to complete. I will also assume that contractors typically work on 3 projects at a time. So every 2 months, they complete 3 projects. In other words, every 12 months or one year, a contractor completes 3 projects x 6 = 18 projects.

Now to estimate total number of contractors in the US I would divide total number of projects by average number of projects per contractor. The result is 2million / 18 which is about 110K.

So my estimated number is 110k.

Product Management Exercises

Good answer.