Exercise 95 – How can you improve Facebook Stories?

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Describe the product

FB stories allows users to share videos and pictures of user generated content. that can be viewed upto two times and will disappear after 24 hours. This product is built around in app camera that allows users to add fun filters as well as geo location filter. They appear at the top of the feed and users can tap on image of users and get access to it. Users can also reply with a direct message. Users can also choose to share the story on newsfeed which wont disappear unless the user chooses to delete this. Users can also choose to view all the stories on top of their feed. user journey would look like

1) access the camera on FB by swiping right or click on your story circle on top on the feed
2) record video/ take pics
3) create story and tap send button to share this with your network

Clarify the scope of the question

Does improving means increasing engagement?
Does driving engagement means making it more easy to create and consume user generated content?

Background : FB saw a huge decline in people generating user generated content such as status/ images and instead sharing news and other random links sharing has increased. FB stories was a feature that was introduced to make user generated content fun and engaging. The daily # of FB stories are approx 150MM. Historically, sharing of user generated content has shifted to smaller networks like snapchat, instagram and whatsapp etc. FB stories allows to bring this feature to 2B users who have never been exposed to ephemeral content.

what problem is this solving?
Stories was also able to solve a problem where users expect content from friends and family such as status updated, photos, videos etc. but their feed was filled with non user generated content which was not a great experience.

Choose a metric

Possible metrics to consider for engagement
– active users of stories daily : 100 M ( assumption)
– number of stories created per day is 150M
– number of stories consumed daily ( say 100M )
– average number of stories created/ active user : 1.5
– average number of stories consumed/ active user :1
– increase adoption of stories for new users

for this exercise we will focus on increase adoption of stories for new users . The reasoning behind choosing this metric is making it easy for new users to try this feature and this will increase usage of app > increase consumption of stories due to user generated content(we know this drives engagement)> aligns with FB’s mission of connecting people> aligns with news-feed values of make it more engaging> will drive ad revenue because it is better content and provide value to advertisers.

List the user groups and select yours

– power users: these are heavy users that post 25 stories(assumption) per day and spend 2 hours on the app over 24 hours
– regular users: this is your mean user and are users for this feature and post 1 story a day and spend 35 mins over 24 hours
– occasional users: they users dont interact with the story feature and spend 25 mins over 1 week time period.

for this exercise we will choose occasional user who has never used story feature.

user pain points

– user is unable to find meaningful content because the feed is filled with non user generated content
– user doesnt know how to create stories

why doesnt the user know how to create a story?

is this due to lack of understanding this feature
is the value not clear to the user
user doesnt understand the steps clearly
user has never tried this feature
We will focus on taking meaningful actions on the app on an on going basis to drive engagement.

list of solutions

user journey : occasional user uses this app few times in a given week. they open the app and start scrolling immediately to get access to latest news. other content.

step 1 build a new feature on boarding
prompting list of activities that users can do similar to how quora prompts on right side of the screen. linkedin also focuses on profile completeness as a way to drive people to perform specific action.
a) create a simple prompt that pauses the user feed and ask them to take a look at the story feature and how it works video/ UX flow . it should be natural and not appear to be a separate product.
b) show them stories that their connections have created to help them see how cool it is
c) reinforce the fact that stories will disappear within 24 hours ( maybe this is not important to the user) and ease of creation
d) walk them thru a step by step story creation with the option of skipping/ closing this UX.

2) create a feedback loop if a user takes action, reward such a virtual balloons can be an example( will rely on UX designer for this idea)

The goal is to take incremental steps to guide users discover this feature, post his first story and also help him create new stories and also use filters. make this a fun experience.

Evaluate solutions

1) solution a, b , c and d engineering cost : m UX cost : H and impact : H
2) solution 2) engineering cost: M, UX cost: H and impact: M

I believe both these need to happen to create a great UX flow.

performance metrics

identify number of first time users who tried stories
on going metrics: what % of first time users are posting more stories and see an increased engagement

ad metrics: this can also improve as these users improve their experience.


I would focus on improving new user experience for fb stories and help user learn about this feature, use this feature successfully and drive both engagement and revenue metrics.