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I created this page to thank the people who contribute to Product Management Exercises by however means they find appropriate, whether it’s sharing the site on their social media pages, telling their network of product managers about the site, submitting good answers for the exercises, giving valuable feedback to other people’s answers, or even emailing me with ideas to improve the website.

If you know anyone (including yourself) that has had a positive impact on Product Management Exercises in any way, please share their story with me. I’d love to hear about them and thank them when possible, with their permission of course.

I will update this page periodically.

image_400x400Mar 2018 – Robleh Jama – Thank you for hunting Product Management Exercises on Product Hunt. Your hunt made it to the first page of Product Hunt and helped bring a lot of awareness about PME.

Robleh is currently a Product Lead at Shopify. He was the founder and CEO of an award winning mobile app startup, Tiny Hearts, which created three popular apps in the App-store. After getting so many projects from top brands around the world, Tiny Hearts was acquired by Shopify.


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Feb 2018 – Scott Lin – Thank you for the great answers you’ve submitted to many questions on the website. I particularly like the structured, well thought out, and creative answers you provide to Product Improvement and Product Design questions.

Scott is a Director of Product Management of RPG Studio at GREE International and lives in San Francisco. He is a 7 year veteran of the mobile gaming industry. Scott started as a data scientist and through that became a data-driven product manager. Scott’s favourite aspect about being a product manager is brainstorming with his fellow team members on how to best solve a user problem, execute it, and then measure it for success. He hopes to spread the power of data analysis wherever he goes.



Jan 2018 – Nabarupa Banerjee – Thank you for introducing PME to the Women in Product Facebook group. I hope they will find this website valuable.

Nabarupa has been passionately helping PME with spreading the word, submitting more than 30 answers to the exercises, sharing feedback to answers submitted by other users and sharing ideas on how to improve the site.

Naba is the head of all eCommerce products at Sams Club in San Francisco. Naba started the Women in Product organization at Walmart/Jet/Sams. She is also an active speaker and mentor at Women in Product events in the bay area.



Dec 2017 – Shaun Juncal – Thank you for tweeting about PME and introducing it to the fans on the night of the launch of the site!

Shaun is a marketing manager at ProductPlan, which provides a roadmap web application to product managers.


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  1. I meant on the overall PME service, not just the Thank you page. As a PM, I haven’t figured that out.

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